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Third Section
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For most students it has taken a few years to get this far.  In the first section the basic principles of tai chi chuan are introduced.  The second section continued to develop strength, balance and coordination with the addition of lower postures, one footed stances and kicks.  In the Third section, the movements improve internal awareness, feeling and flexibility by requiring deeper sinking, greater turning, and further expansion.  At this level students should be able to really assimilate the concepts of unity with continuous flow of energy.

Child Worships The Buddha.jpg

74. Cut the Clouds
75. Snake Creeps Down
76. Golden Cock Stands on 1 Foot (left, right)
77. Oblique Flying (4 times)
78. Separate Arms
79. Part the Horse's Mane (left)
80. Finger Strike Forward
81. Spreading Right & Left Wings
82. White Crane Spreading Wings
83. Dragon Swirls his Tail
84. Brush Knee & Twist Step (left)
85. Fan Through the Back
86. Search for the Needle at the Bottom of the Sea
87. Brush Knee & Twist Step (left, right)
88. Turn Arms (3 times)
89. Grasp the Peacock's Tail (3 times)
90. Press right, Cross Hands
91. Open the Clouds
92. Three Elbow Press
93. Turn Around & Kick Sideways with Edge of Foot

94. Shoot a Tiger with a Bow

95. Step Forward & Punch Horse with Back of Hand

96. Grasp the Peacock's Tail (3 times)

97. Step & Form Seven Stars

98. Step Forward & Punch Horse with Back of Hand
99. Turn Arms
100. Small Child Worships Buddha
101. Ride the Tiger
102. Golden Cock Stands on 1 Foot (left)
103. Turn About, Brush Knee & Twist Step (right)
104. Lion Dances with the Ball (left, right, left)
105. Part the Horse's Mane (2 times)
106. Grasp the Peacock's Tail (3 times)
107. Apparent Close-up
108. Conclusion of Grand Terminus

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