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First Section
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The first section is the hardest to learn, because here is where the foundation is laid.  Emphasis is placed on reinforcing the basic principles of posture, balance, coordination, unity, and circulation of energy.  Learn these lessons well, then, not only will the more difficult movements that come later be much easier, but also will your Tai Chi be more beneficial and satisfying.


1. Pre-opening Stance
2. Opening Form
3. Hold a Ball
4. Squeeze a Ball
5. Separate Arms
6. Turn Arms (3 times)
7. Grasp the Peacock's Tail (3 times)
8. Press right, Cross Hands & Single Whip
9. Spreading Left & Right Wings
10. White Crane Spreading Wings
11. Dragon Swirls his Tail
12. Brush Knee & Twist Step (left)
13. Hands Strumming the Lute (right, left, right)
14. Catch a Butterfly (left)
15. Brush Knee & Twist Step (left, right)
16. Hands Strumming the Lute (left, right, left)
17. Catch a Butterfly (right)
18. Brush Knee & Twist Step (right, left)
19. Step up, Parry & Punch
20. Apparent Close-up
21. Spreading Left & Right Wings
22. White Crane Spreading Wings

23. Dragon Swirls his Tail
24. Brush Knee & Twist Step (right, left)
25. About Turn & Brush Knee & Twist Step (right)
26. Turn Arms (3 times)
27. Grasp the Peacock's Tail (3 times)
28. Press right, About Turn & Single Whip
29. Return to Mountain with Tiger
30. Fist under Elbow
31. Slip back Forearm
32. Oblique Flying
33. Separate Arms
34. Part the Horses Mane (left)
35. Finger Strike Forward
36. Spreading Left & Right Wings
37. White Crane Spreading Wings
38. Dragon Swirls his Tail
39. Brush Knee & Twist Step (left)
40. Search for Needle at the Bottom of the Sea
41. Flash out Arms
42. About Turn,Step up, Parry & Punch
43. Apparent Close-Up
44. Closing Form or transition into Second Section

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