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Basic Principles of Tai Chi and QiGong
January 26, 2020
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Lyceum Building

432 High Street

Burlington, NJ

Call 856-778-4209 or click for more information.

Previous Workshop 1-27-2019
Basic Principles

The underlying principles of tai chi must be understood and mastered in order for a student to advance into the upper levels of Tai Chi.

The hallmark of Master Ting's instruction is the way and manner in which he conveys the foundational principles and philosophies associated with the internal arts. With his extensive background in the martial aspect of Tai Chi, and his emphasis on continued research and study, Master Ting conveys to his students so much more than just simple form and repetitive movement. The true measure of the art lies in the internal depth, subtle detail, exquisite sensitivity, and profound awareness which are concealed within each movement. The underlying principles, as applied to the physical posture, are not acquired easily; a student needs "gongfu", sincere effort, dedicated, consistent practice, and most importantly, a teacher who can guide the way to understanding. 

Tai Chi is predicated on a foundation of basic principles, methods and theories established by ancient Masters and substantiated through the ages. Not all who instruct teach principles, but if the art is to survive, these principles must be taught and understood. Master Ting has dedicated himself to teaching his students the very basics of the art, for it is in these foundations that Tai Chi excels. 

This workshop will focus not only on what the basic principles are, but more importantly, how to feel them and how to physically adjust your posture to absorb and integrate them into your Tai Chi practice. No matter what style of Tai Chi you practice, the principles apply to all in the same way. This workshop is not designed to teach a specific form, but rather to demonstrate that the basic principles can be applied uniformly to every form and more importantly, to all aspects of every form. Weapons, Push Hands, QiGong and Tai Chi all rely on the same set of principles and basics in posture to make them effective. 

For the novice student, this workshop is essential for your understanding and foundations. There is no efficient way to cover the depth of detail found in this workshop in the space of an hour's class instruction. The information found in this workshop will form a solid foundation for future practice. For the experienced practitioner, having Master Ting examine your form and pinpoint subtle areas for improvement can move your practice into an entirely new level of understanding. Every student will come away with a far greater appreciation for the power and depth of Tai Chi. 

"It is one thing to know how to do something, but to do it well,
you must know why." 
-Master William Ting

THIS IS A VERY POPULAR WORKSHOP, Pre-registration is essential and participation will only be confirmed with payment.

Pre-registration is $95.00, payable to “William Ting”. Space is limited.

Walk in participation on the day of the workshop (if available) will be $110. 

Checks can be sent to William Ting 1359 Hainesport Street, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054. 
For more information on this workshop, please contact Silver Tiger directly at 856-778-4209 or email 

William Ting 
1359 Hainsport Road 
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054


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