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Qigong originated in ancient China and is characterized by slow, gentle movements, with a unique emphasis on cultivating internal energy, also known as "chi".  The goal of practice is to improve the quality of life, maintain physical health, increase mental acuity, while enhancing a sense of tranquility. 

The movements, practiced in combination with a relaxed body, a calm heart, and an awareness of mind, have proven to be effective in relieving the effects of diseases otherwise difficult to control by western medical standards, such as obesity, hypertension, nervous disorders, arthritis, ulcers, skeletal-muscular disorders, and heart disease.


Our classes are interactive using Zoom.  You will be able to see and hear your teacher, they will see you (if you wish) and you will be able to ask questions.  Zoom is easy to use, and all you need is an internet connection. If you are new to Zoom, click here for a short tutorial.

After you sign up, Silver Tiger will send you an invitation to the class with a link.  Click on the link and it will automatically give you instructions on how to access the class via Zoom.  As simple as that.

Sign up for Tai Chi classes HERE.

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