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Second Section
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Whereas the first section introduced students to the basic principles of tai chi chuan, the second section demands they apply what has been learned.  The ability to maintain correct posture, balance and especially coordination is put to the test as movements get more complicated with lower postures, single footed stances, kicks and about-turns. 

45. Open the Clouds
46 Diagonal Single Whip
47. High Pat on Horse (left)
48. Separation of Right Foot
49. High Pat on Horse (right)
50. Separation of Left Foot
51. Turn & High Pat on Horse
52. Separartion of Right Foot
53. Brush Knee & Twist Step (right, left, right)
54. Step Forward & Punch Downward
55. Carry the Moon in the Bottom of the Sea
56. Separation of Left Foot
57. Hit a Tiger at Left & right
58. Step Up & Punch
59. Step Up & Strike Ears with Both Fists
60. Separation of Left Foot
61. Brush Knee & Twist Step (left, right,left)
62. Step Up, Parry & Punch
63. Apparent Close-Up
64. Hug Silver Moon
65. Turn Palms
66. Grasp a Peacock's Tail (3 times)
67. Part the Horse's Mane (right, left, right)
68. Fair Lady Works the Shuttle (left)
69. Part the Horse's Mane (left, right, left)
70. Fair Lady Works at Shuttle (right)
71. Grasp a Peacock's Tail (3 times)
72. Apparent Close-up
73. Closing Form or transition into Third Section

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