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Sword Form
Jing Tai Jian
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Considered the most noble and distinguished among weapons.  Both men and women can participate on the same levels in mastering the art of the sword, although women especially find the grace of this form appealing.  The same basic tai chi principles of energy, balance and coordination apply, only now qi flows through the sword as an extension of the arms.  Unity is still the key to create the gracefulness and power required to “Dance with the Sword”, as the practice is referred to in China.


1. Opening Form
2. Angel points the way
3. Step up & mount the wild horse (3 times)
4. Dragon bends low & points the way
5. Lightening splits the tree
6. Bore into the cloud
7. Goad the monkey up the tree
8. Phoenix spreading wings
9. Bows to the dragon
10. Phoenix rises
11. Step back & parry
12. Poke the grass to find the snake
13. Dragon swirls his tail
14. Open the door & capture the prize
15. Turn the grindstone with the sword
16. Tiger looks behind & catches the goat
17. Ocean waves rolling to shore
18. Golden rooster stands on 1 foot & cocks his head

19. Paint the rainbow
20. Serve Buddha a heavenly peach
21. Lotus swirls around in the wind
22. About turn, chop wood
23. Tide returning to the ocean
24. Silken banner rides the wind
25. About turn, chop wood
26. Open the door & capture the prize
27. Dragon dances in the ocean
28. Tiger rolling over
29. Pretty lady works the loom
30. Whip the horse to gallop
31. About turn, chop wood
32. Paint the rainbow
33. Dragon chases the seal in the ocean
34. Cut the clouds
35. Eagle hides the sword under it's wing
36. Angel points the way
37. Return to beginning stance

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