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Performance Form 
Designed by Master William Ting
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Master William Ting has created this 42-movement set out of the Wu Ji Jing Gong Form.  He has taken the movements that represent the essence of each section and combined them to flow one into another with no repeats, each chosen for its distinct details and strength of purpose.  His intent was to not only bring together a form that was condensed and entertaining enough to hold the attention of an audience during a presentation but also adequately demanding and dynamic enough for competition.  Practitioners tell us though that what they appreciate the most is that this shorter version of the form has the kind of depth which still offers the same benefits and satisfaction on those occasions when one does not have the time to complete the whole 108 movements.  It would seem that Master Ting has succeeded in bringing together what represents the heart of Wu Ji Jing Gong.


22. Fair Lady Works with Shuttle
23. Snake Creeps Down
24. Golden Cock Stands on 1 Foot (left then right)
25. About Turn & Kick Horizontally with Lateral edge of Foot
26. Shoot a Tiger with a Bow
27. Step Forward & Punch Downward
28. Step Forward & Punch Horse with Back of Hand
29. Turn Arms
30. Small Child Worships Buddha
31. Sit on a Tiger
32. Golden Cock Stands on 1 Foot
33. Turn About & Brush Knee, Twist Step (right)
34. Close Hands & Feet Together
35. Brush Knee, Twist Step (left)
36. Ward Off to the Right, Turn & Punch (left), About Turn, Punch Right, Continue Turn to the Back Kicking with Right Foot
37. Fan Through the Back
38. Press Elbows Left
39. About Turn, High Pat on Horse
40. Parry to the Right, Right Fist Punches into Left Palm
41. Apparent Close-Up
42. Conclusion

1. Opening Form
2. Hold a Ball
3. Squeeze a Ball /Separate Arms
4. Single Whip
5. Grasp a Peacock's Tail (3)
6. About Turn, Single Whip (Big Turn)
7. Return With Tiger to the Mountain
8. Punch with Right Fist
9. Oblique Flying (right)
10. Oblique Flying (left)
11. Ward Off (right then left)
12. Open Clouds (2X)
13. Step Forward & Punch Downward
14. Turn & Chop Opponent with Fist
15. Carry the Moon to the Bottom of the Sea
16. Separation of Left Foot
17. Hit Tiger at Left
18. Hit Tiger at Right
19. Step Up & Punch
20. Step Up & Strike Ears with Both Fists
21. Part the Horses's Mane (left)

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