Master Ting's new and expanded version of his popular Question and Answers Book has finally arrived.

The Hardcover version is just $29.99 plus shipping and applicable tax. 


The Softcover version is just $19.99 plus shipping and applicable tax. 

Written in a "Question and Answer" Format, this book is intended to share a Master's secrets to performing high level Tai Chi and Qigong.  Based on Queries which came into his website for the past 15 years, as well as questions from his own classes and experience, Master William Ting has penned the perefect primer for Tai Chi and Qigong students.

Ranging from deceptiviely simple topics to extrememly complex subjects, Master Ting has created a manual for students of all styles, forms and experience.  Relying heavily on Basic Principles, good posture and internal awareness, this book is an extraordianry accounting of common Tai Chi and Qigong questions and answers for practitioners of every level.

Answers to Common Tai Chi & Qi Gong Questions

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