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Lynne Kemler 
Senior Assistant

Ms. Kemler began her study with Master William Ting almost 30 years ago.  Interested initially in the health benefits associated with Tai Chi, her study gradually encompassed all forms of Tai Chi study including weapons, Push Hands, Form and meditation.  She now assists Master Ting with classes, scheduling, editing, public demonstrations and lectures as well as video production. Through her study she has developed beautiful form and posture as well as a deep appreciation for the art which she shareswith her own individual classes.

 She has been teaching Wu Ji Jing Gong under the auspices of Silver Tiger Tai Chi since 1998 and has been a valuable assistant at all of Master Ting’s seminars.  She is accomplished in Sword technique, presents a formidable opponent in Push Hand Play and worked closely with Master Ting to showcase an abbreviated style of form developed by Master Ting which is used specifically for demonstration or performance purposes.  Most recently she has been perfecting a fan form in the Wu Ji Jing Gong style with Master Ting.  Lynne's ideas of practice and personal experience with the art have been published in Tai Chi magazine. She also wrote the introduction to Master Ting's second book, "Essential Concepts of Tai Chi"

Lynne is teaching classes for Silver Tiger Tai Chi at the Lyceum Building in Burlington City, NJ.
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