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Rémi Solliez

Rémi has been teaching internal arts like Qi Gong, Tai chi, Meditation, and Yoga for the past 20 years in companies, hospitals, schools, and as a private tutor. He has studied with several masters in France and China and has an extensive background in Chinese martial arts – Yang and Chen styles of Taichi, Xing Yi Chuan, and Yi Chuan. Since 2004, he has been running his own Qi Gong and Tai chi school in Paris (see link below ) through which he organizes and presents workshops in France and Europe all throughout the year. 

Rémi was introduced to the Wuji Jing Gong style of Tai chi by two masters in the last 15 years. Feeling his learning incomplete, he spent a long period of time looking for the origin of the Wuji Jing Gong system all over the world. Through research and perseverance, he finally had the opportunity to meet Master William Ting, Grandmaster Lu's designated successor to this system who has been living and teaching in the United States for the past 30 years. Through persistence and good fortune, Rémi travelled to the States to meet with Master Ting and a very strong relationship began to form between both Master and student. 

From the time of that first meeting in 2013, Rémi began to study intensively and personally with Master Ting all year around, either travelling to the USA or China several times a year or keeping in touch through private lessons by Skype from Paris. He has attended Master Ting's yearly weekend retreats as well as several of his practical workshops on foundational principles. Rémi has been so enthusiastic and so dedicated to learning the Wuji Jing Gong style with his Master that he quickly absorbed the curriculum of the Silver Tiger academy and the Wu ji jing Gong form including Qi Gong, Tai chi and its different manifestations (performance form, walking Tai chi, sword form, and fan form, push hands, and bagua). In addition, every year since his first meeting with Master Ting, he has invited Master Ting to give a workshop on the basic principles of Tai chi in Paris which has been enthusiastically attended by students throughout Europe. 

Rémi has dedicated his life to seeing that the true spirit and nature of the art of Tai chi continues to thrive and grow in the modern world. In order to do this, he maintains a rigorous course of studies with his Master as often as possible in order to carry these “secrets” to the next generation of Tai chi students. Master Ting has acknowledged his dedication and abilities by admitting him to Silver Tiger's exclusive list of instructors recognized to teach under the auspices of Master Ting's name, school, and reputation. He is the only student in Europe with this designation. 


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