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Tai Chi in the Park

For many years the Silver Tiger Group practice in Laurel Acres Park, Mt. Laurel, NJ.

Until we finally moved into our own studio in October of 2005, we would spend most summer evenings practicing together outside in the park.

We started practicing there almost 20 years ago, about 1989.  Back then, Master Ting would go home to Shanghai for most of the summer, from July to September.  Not wanting to give up practicing together a group of us decided to meet in the park.  When Master Ting would come back to us in the fall, we would coax him into joining us there.

We looked forward eagerly to the end of winter class programs in stuffy schools and cherished the practice time in the park with the expansive energy of open spaces.

We started what we called the Tai Chi Diehards Club.
On New Year's Day, no matter what the weather, we "diehards" met in the park at 1pm, for the first Tai Chi of the year.  We have had quite the dedicated group, over the years we have practiced in everything from bone-chilling cold with sleeting ice and wind driven snow, to spring like weather where we were stripping down to our shirt-sleeves.

Recollections of Lynne Kemler

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