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Giving & Receiving -
Offense & Defense
February 23, 2020

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Cost: $95

Lyceum Building

432 High Street

Burlington, NJ

Call 856-778-4209 for more information


As an expression of the perpetual relationship between Yin & Yang, Giving and Receiving cannot be separated and must be understood as one complete whole. It goes without saying that successful Giving and Receiving depends upon the knowledge and execution of the basic principles. The quality of correct posture, balance, coordination & unity, is empowered by awareness, cultivated within relaxation and expansion, and thrives in circularity, joining Offense and Defense as one single movement. 

This is the first time Master Ting has devoted a workshop exclusively to the subject of Giving and Receiving. Because this concept is so intertwined with correct posture and the fundamentals of basic principles, it is an excellent introduction to Tai Chi and its mysteries for the novice student. Experienced students will find a rare opportunity to further develop their understanding of an esoteric quality that seems inherently simple but can be quite challenging to do well. 

“Because giving and receiving are an expression of natural law, they are fundamental to the philosophy of Qigong and Tai Chi. This concept did not originate with Tai Chi, but because Tai Chi is based on the Tao or the “natural way”, in practice we seek to embrace the concept. Tai Chi and Qigong always express the circular, spiraling motion, because this is the best way for giving and receiving to happen simultaneously, in the same proportion, at the same pace.” Taken from “Essential Concepts of Tai Chi” Master William Ting 2015 

Students of all levels and styles are welcome as Master Ting focuses his instruction on Basic Principles of Tai Chi common to all forms. In addition to personal demonstration and instruction, Master Ting welcomes questions from all participants.

Pre-registration is essential and participation will only be confirmed with payment.

Pre-registration is $95.00, payable to “William Ting”. Space is limited.

Walk in participation on the day of the workshop (if available) will be $110. 

Checks can be sent to William Ting, 1359 Hainesport Street, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054.

For more information on this workshop, please contact Silver Tiger 
directly at 856-778-4209 or email us at 


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