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Qi Gong Workshop February 21st Lyceum Hall

Qi Gong Workshop February 21st

Master Ting will be doing a Basic Principles Workshop in Paris, France April 16 & April17

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Master Ting will be doing a Basic Principles Workshop in Thessalonika, Greece April 23 & April 24

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Master Ting's New Book Is Now Available.

Master Ting's 2nd Book

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T'ai Chi

The ultimate benefit of T'ai Chi is to experience life in a healthy and fully aware state of being.

T'ai Chi Ch'uan is a soft, internal Chinese martial art consisting of slow, flowing, meditative movements. Although T'ai Chi is an excellent form of self defense, most people practice it for the health benefits.

T'ai Chi improves the quality of life, maintains physical health, increases a person's mental awareness and enhances spiritual serenity. By teaching awareness of their own internal energy, the student learns to assimilate unity, harmony and coordination in movement as well as daily life. There are no age limitations to participation and no special equipment is needed, just loose clothing and soft shoes.

Here is a sample our video for the first section of the form.  You can see a larger view of this videoON-LINE or purchase it in the STORE. To view the video, click on the video start button below.


Qi Gong Workshop February 21st

Push Hands Workshop Pictures

Private lessons via SKYPE for remote students

Find us at the Lyceum Hall in Burlington, NJ

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Master Ting has finally published a new and expanded version of his popular Question and Answers Book.
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